Turn-Ki Solar Electric Systems
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As a Home or Business Owner with a Solar Ki System, you will:

  • Enjoy a Custom Design

    We evaluate your home or business needs then provide you an aesthetically pleasing custom design.

  • Reduce your Electric Bill

    Generate your own pollution-free power. Your solar electric system will reliably produce electricity for many years. Buy 25-40 years of electricity at today's prices and rebates.

  • Receive a Substantial Installation Discount

    Solar Ki is a Certified Trade Ally of the EnergyTrust of Oregon; you will receive a substancial incentive on the installation.

  • Receive Valuable Tax Credits

    Significant credits are available from Federal and State programs. Businesses also benefit from depreciation and other credits.

  • Increase the Value of your Home or Business

    Solar electric systems are a capital improvement to your home and will increase resale value; they are exempt from property taxes.

  • Be Powered by Clean Renewable Energy

    Contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and help reduce fossil fuel emissions.