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Cleaning & Maintenance

A service and cleaning contract will keep your solar system running at its optimum efficiency to produce the maximum amount of power and savings. Regular maintenance addresses any system deficiencies and condition issues before they become expensive and unnecessary fixes. Servicing system condition also protects you product's manufacturers warranty.

According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory, a regular cleaning of your dirty panels can increase solar production up to 25% in severe cases. Common causes of panel efficiency reduction are pollution, traffic dust, leaves, pollen and even bird droppings. These elements prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels. Are you getting the most out of your investment?

Our annual Cleaning and Maintenance contract, includes the following services:

• Clean solar panels
• Check array frames are secure
• Check all wiring from the panels through to the inverter
• Check all cable ties and fixings
• Check roof penetrations for signs of damage/deterioration
• Check and tighten connections between components
• Check inverter operation
• Check enclosure for signs of wasps or vermin*
• Send brief report to customer of outcomes