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Benefits to Your Business

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Environmental responsibility and stewardship are important to many people. A solar system not only contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment, it presents a powerful clean energy commitment to your customers and the public.

By integrating a solar energy system into your business property, you will set your business apart from the norm, and be able to take advantage of very significant financial incentives.
Financial Incentives

  • Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO)

    See here for current incentives.

  • Other Utility Incentives

    Smaller utility co-ops which include CPI, Central Lincoln PUD and EWEB may offer incentives that range from $.50 per DC watt to $1.00 per AC watt up with varying maximums.

  • Oregon Energy Incentives Program

    Pacific Power and Portland General Electric currently offer up to $4,400 dollars for residential installations and up to $50,000 for commercial solar projects. These incentives are based on an allocated funds that decreases periodically.

  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)

    Your business may be able to recover investments in solar systems through rapid depreciation (5 year) deductions on federal tax returns. 2018 change in Federal tax law allow for an additional 100% bonus depreciation over one year.

  • Federal Rural Energy (REAP) Grants

    Businesses in rural areas may qualify for USDA Rural Energy Grants that can provide 25% of the cost up to $20,000.

  • State of Oregon Depreciation

    Like the Federal MACRS above, you may be able to take a rapid 5 year depreciation on state tax returns.

  • Green Tags

    Green Tags are certificates that represent the environmental benefits from a specific amount of electricity from solar panels (or other renewable sources); their value is market driven.

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