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Team Profiles

Laura Uhler

Designer / Consultant: laura.uhler@solarki.com

Laura Uhler
Laura has over 30 years of electrical engineering & project management.

Laura’s engineering career was developed with her position with Agilent Technologies Inc. as an Engineering Manager. Laura started Solar Ki, LLC in 2006 in Corvallis, Oregon. Among her achievements, in 2008 Laura was Partner & Advisor for Chintimini Wildlife Education Center; Laura won The Corvallis Good Steward of the Planet in 2011; She was a solar consultant for Oregon State University in the clean energy arena; In 2008 Laura participated as partner & advisor for Chintimini Wildlife Education Center.

Laura’s future goals are to live off-grid, the term “going off the grid” can mean a million different things to a million different people, however with Laura, there is no doubt that she will be quite successful in the process.

Allan A. Karing

Project Developer: akaring@solarki.com

Allan A Karing
Allan Karing is a highly motivated and goal oriented marketing and sales professional with over 6 years of project development, management and solar experience. Extensive experience in commercial and residential markets. Outstanding track record of reliability, honesty and integrity.

Allan has been involved in the sustainability and renewable energy industry since 2010. He started out working for a non-profit organization in Hawaii, which works to reduce waste through building material reuse and recycling. In 2011 he started working for a major electrical contractor in Hawaii, in positions ranging from installer, crew lead, foreman and project developer.

Allan’s passion for nature and sustainability has lead him from Hawaii to beautiful Oregon. His enthusiasm for nature and the vital role that renewable energy plays in preserving nature for future generations, drives him to help home owners adopt photovoltaic technology. He enjoys meeting people to find out how he can best assist in making their homes sustainable while decreasing their dependence on expensive grid based electricity.

He has lived in the US since 1996 in Georgia, Hawaii and now Oregon. Attended University of Nevada – Reno.  He was a Project Developer and Solar Foreman for American Electric Company located in Honolulu, HI.

Rita Baxter

Project Manager rita.baxter@solarki.com

Rita Baxter
Rita Baxter has been involved in the construction trades all her life. She started out in 1976 working as a concrete laborer/finisher in the construction of concrete grain elevators across the Midwest States. . Since then she has worked in construction remodeling, roofing, landscaping, but mainly in concrete, masonry and tile construction. She worked 19 years in the Cement Masons Union. She was a lead concrete finisher for Wildish Construction. She also formed her own Construction Business; Artscapes Construction. She specialized in creative masonry, tile, stonework, and concrete landscape construction projects. Rita is an artist as well and applies her skills and eye for aesthetics to all that she does.

Rita has lived a rich life of adventure and travel in the United States as well as abroad. She has lived simply and off the grid at times, and has always had an interest in and values the application of alternative energies. Being a home owner for almost 30 years she understands and appreciates what it takes to maintain a home and the costs in keeping a home in beautiful condition. Her vision is to sell her home in the city and move onto rural property and live a sustainable lifestyle off the grid. It is her opinion that Solar Power is the best alternative to replace or supplement the hydro, coal, fossil fuel and nuclear power we currently are invested in.

Rita brings contracting and construction experience, and a creative skill set, a strong value for alternative energy, and enjoyment of working with people on their projects.

Jeffrey Max


Jeffrey Max

Jeffrey Max has installed solar systems all over the country and personally installed at least 300,000 watts of small residential systems. He has been Project Manager and in charge of wiring. He has personally wired over 6 megawatts of Commercial and Industrial Projects. He has a lot of experience in Battery Based systems including OutBack Radian and Schneider Electric XW as well as others.

Jeffrey is an NABCEP certified in Solar Thermal and recently obtained the Oregon Limited Renewable Technician License. He also has an OSHA 10 hour Certification.